Saturday, January 2

2009 in blurbies.

i can't believe 2009 is over!
(oh what a year it has been!)

we celebrated our first year of marriage!
(a stormy day on the beach in savannah couldn't have been better.)

we got a new president!
(really, we had an excuse to make a cake!)

we survived the incredible storm!
(and started preparing for the next disaster.)

husband got a motorcycle!
(we are a two vehicle family again.)

we played in the park!
(and had some great adventures.)

we ate some fantastic breakfasts!
(they looked as good as they tasted.)

i got a job in a deli!
(and became drive-thru queen for a short time.)

we got the news about our teeny-tiny baby!
(and i quit my new job working with food . . .)

i fell off the map for a few weeks!
(but i regained composure during trimester 2.)

we went to tallulah gorge!
(and discovered a few other georgia marvels, including the outlet stores.)

it's a girl!
(our little girl!)

we hit the one year mark of life in georgia!
(and definitely missed utah a little.)

i (probably) had the h1n1!
(the swine flu was a real bummer.)

we had a fowler family fall festival!
(and started the season of eating wayyyy too much.)

i spent most of the year making cookies!
(and i'm still not out of that phase.)

we started doing some nesting!
(i'm seriously crazy for homemaking.)

i got gigantic!
(and husband worked out a lot and looks really fit.)

we had a wonderful christmas!
(time alone and lots of warm fuzzies.)

we also watched a lot of law and order, listened to monsters of folk and lots of other music, enjoyed public radio, ate thousands of m&ms, learned to cook some tasty meals . . . and so on.
(we also probably spent too much money at chick-fil-a and mcdonalds.)

now we're looking forward to 2010, which is sure to be a million times more action-packed than this year!
(more to come.)


Scaliwag said...

awe all those are wonderful!
i love you!

Chris and Nikki said...

you two are going to have a fun fun fun 2010! that little girly will make it amazing. glad you had a wonderful year! still miss you LOTS though. :D

Tom and Juli said...

Yay for a great year. Utah misses you too.