Monday, December 28


I started to make Christmas cards and never was able to finish. I ate too much. I ate too much CANDY. I'm still eating too much candy. I didn't get a chance to call anyone and just chat. I still haven't taken that family picture. Nothing went quite as planned.

I did get some very precious days alone with husband, which is something we haven't had in . . . almost a year. It was better than good. That's all I really wanted for Christmas, to be honest.

I'm having a hard time getting back to reality after all the merriment this past week.

I'm also getting bigger and bigger by the second and it only gets more and more difficult just to breathe and move around. Here's the belly today - almost 33 weeks:

And here's the belly with some of my Christmas loot:

a coat that fits over baby bump,

The Sewing Bible (to help me expand my talents, hopefully),

and the gigantic box of chocolates that husband got for me.

All in all, it was a pretty merry and bright Christmas.
Hope everyone's holidays were just as great.


..M.. said...

what a cute belly! oohh i just cant wait for your little one to come! Do you have a name picked out? You will love being a mommy:)

Just SO said...

Okay that is a seriously huge box of chocolates!! I'm glad you had time alone with James. And your belly looks so adorable.