Saturday, December 19


On sunny days in the late fall and early winter, Judge sits by the sliding glass doors all day and wants to go in and out constantly. Why?

Because there are lizards crawling up and down the glass. It makes Judge crazy. He can't get them through the glass, but as soon as he's outside they hide out of reach and out of sight.

I like seeing them. I had a pet lizard growing up. I called her April Gadget (after characters from Ninja Turtles and Rescue Rangers, of course). We bought bags of crickets to feed her in the winter. In the summer, we caught grasshoppers in the raspberry bushes for her to eat. She seemed to live forever.

Judge and the lizards are enemies. He's trying to protect his property. He never catches them, so he just whines and whines and tries to get out the door faster.

I really love those lizards.

(Yes, even if they do make my dog an obnoxious mess.)

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Rachael Thomas said...

I saw a lizard the first day we got here.. haven't seen any since. I'm kind of sad by that...