Monday, August 1

one year here.

we've been back in the beehive state for a whole year now. 

um, it's weird. the good kind of weird.

we miss georgia like CRAZY but luckily a lot of our georgia friends have reason to visit utah and so we've had chances to see a few of our favorite people. (if you're ever in the area, hit us up!)

the girls love it. we love it. and even though not quite everything has gone exactly according to plan, we're moving forward and checking off goals left and right. life has been good (and ridiculously busy) for us. well, mostly for the husband. he is my number one hero right now. he's working so hard and we love him more than ever for it. 

 here's to many more adventures, big & small, in our next year!

also, i'm pretty sure google photos is going to save this blog. finally i don't have to upload and then download and then upload again to get pictures on here. that has always been the most frustrating part and now it's a suh-nap! 

it even does this ^^^ for me, which is super rad.