Friday, March 20

ruthie look-a-like.

today, husband texted me saying: "you look like the girl from 'one big happy' the comic strip."
i said "what?"
and he said, "look it up."

i found her -- ruthie.
i'm pretty sure i agree.
really, it's up to him and my mom if i look like her.
they know my face better than anyone else, right?

one big happy, by rick detorie:

Wednesday, March 18

old photographs with absolutely no explanation (yet).

we're living in my husband's grandmother's house - the house that nobody lived in for over ten years. we get to sort through the few things that were left in the house all that time. while cleaning out the closet, i found these polaroids. i have no clue who, what, where, when. we'll have to call and ask nana, but i'm almost not sure i want to know. imagining is pretty fun.

Tuesday, March 17

another gross weird thing that judge brought inside.

i thought it was a piece of bark.

it so was not bark.

it was a mummified tiny frog.

if you aren't as nerdy as i am,

you might not have noticed that saturday was pi day.

3.14159 . . .

anyway, i made an apple pie to celebrate.
it tasted pretty good, but more importantly it was a work of art!

husband didn't hate the pi/pie. he hates being photographed.

i wore green without even trying.

it helps that green is my favorite color.
ignore my frizzy hair and notice that my shirt has giraffes talking to each other on it. cute.

okay, facts:

if i lived in ireland, i might have the day off today.
(side note: does anyone else think that everyone should have a day off? could everyone in america just maybe stay home one day out of the whole year? is that so hard?)

st. patrick was actually a slave in ireland before returning there as a missionary.

sometimes, st. patrick's day is moved to another day if it interferes with lent and easter and palm sunday and such. sometimes, catholics can even eat meat on friday if it is st. patrick's day!

legend has it that st. patrick used the shamrock to teach the people about the holy trinity - three as one, one as three.

if i went to savannah tonight, i could really party. all the fountains are dyed green. it unofficially has the largest attendance of a st. patrick's day parade and there are no laws against open containers on the street. it's all kissing and drinking.

blue was actually the first color associated with st. patrick.

some protestants in ireland wear orange to show their defiance toward the catholic church. it's all something to do with william of orange.

it became a drinking holiday the same way every other holiday became corrupted: mixing pagan festivals with religious feasts!

another fact:

i'm eating my third peanut butter and honey sandwich in 24 hours. yum!

Thursday, March 12


there is a window in the kitchen that looks out into the garage.
this is what judge does while we exercise:

that's right. he sits on a chair and watches for an hour, sometimes more.

there's something else i'm excited about: summerwear. you too?

i've been busy. i'm almost working full-time this week, husband and i are working out every day, the brothers have spring break, judge made some new doggie friends and i did this (among other things):

isn't than one of the most organized garages you've seen in a while?
that's right. it's spring cleaning time and i'm ITCHING.
i want to air everything out and live in the backyard and eat cold things all day.
it has been beautiful!
i can't say one bad thing about daylight savings
and i had to get up at 5:30 (really 4:30) in the morning on sunday - so there.

p.s. - see that wonderful little trailer? my dad made it and we brought all our belongings to georgia in it after putting a hitch on the ford focus. we've used it twice this week to cart things around! who needs a truck when we have ford focus and amazing trailer?!

spring in my step.

in less than two weeks, my world has gone from white with snow,

to white with blossoms.

here are some more pictures of the transformation:



Saturday, March 7

random record. i couldn't help it.

It's my latest release with my band, The Pea-Pickers;
the smash hit "The Vineyards of Equality."

Recipe for your very own random record:

Step One:
Go to one of my favorite places, Wikipedia.
Hit the random article link.
(or click this link

The title of the article is the name of your band. Don't you dare try and go with another one.

Step Two:
Go to Quotations Page.
Hit the random quotes link.
(or click here

The last few words of the last quote on the page is the name of your album.

Step Three:
Go to Flickr.
Click on explore, at the bottom of the page, and then click on "the last seven days.”
(or just go here

The third picture is your album cover. No retry!

Step Four:
Use Photoshop
or something else
to make your own album cover.

Bang! Baby, you're a smash hit!

(thanks Shanna, for giving me something to do!)
(thanks also to the person who actually took this photo, Niquitin.)

Wednesday, March 4

in like a lion . . .

or is it BRRRRRRR?!

okay, so,
we're still waiting for the snow to melt!
i worked late last night and there was still black ice everywhere.
our power is still flickering every once in a while.
there are convoys of power company trucks and tow trucks out on the roads.
i guess it's supposed to be almost 80 degrees on sunday - how's that for strange?

anyway, here are some more snow pictures, including the last picture of sweet little magnolia.

we weren't sure when the power would come on, so we set up camp in the living room. the brothers made a weird mattress teepee . . . it didn't last long. i gathered all the blankets we have and threw them on the couch while we got the fire going. judge tried to keep everybody warm. cute husband did the dishes wearing a headlamp.

i had some fun taking pictures by firelight.

judge forgot about snow - he was barking and looking into the sky. don't worry, he quickly remembered how much he loves hopping around in the snow. i took some pictures in the yard the next morning until i had to help dig the car out of the mud.