Saturday, March 7

random record. i couldn't help it.

It's my latest release with my band, The Pea-Pickers;
the smash hit "The Vineyards of Equality."

Recipe for your very own random record:

Step One:
Go to one of my favorite places, Wikipedia.
Hit the random article link.
(or click this link

The title of the article is the name of your band. Don't you dare try and go with another one.

Step Two:
Go to Quotations Page.
Hit the random quotes link.
(or click here

The last few words of the last quote on the page is the name of your album.

Step Three:
Go to Flickr.
Click on explore, at the bottom of the page, and then click on "the last seven days.”
(or just go here

The third picture is your album cover. No retry!

Step Four:
Use Photoshop
or something else
to make your own album cover.

Bang! Baby, you're a smash hit!

(thanks Shanna, for giving me something to do!)
(thanks also to the person who actually took this photo, Niquitin.)


So said...

Yours is so much cooler than mine! And that picture is so great for the name of the song. And Pea Pickers? That is a great name for a band. Somebody should snatch that up.

Scaliwag said...

these pictures are so amazing!
you should enter a show or something.
mom and i want to see more pictures of you james, and judgel pugel