Sunday, March 1

Dear Desert,

This is what rain looks like:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

and it has been like this every minute for the last three days.


A Child of the Desert,
one who is unaccustomed to 72 hours of rain;
and also her dog who is so very, very bored.

P.S. -
It's almost noon and it's nearly dark outside.
There's a 70% chance of snow this evening.
We'll see.


So said...

You should be singing "Rain! Rain! Go away!" Or "It's raining! It's pouring the old man is snoring!"

That is some serious rain but I hope you don't get the snow.

Scaliwag said...

i love the rain. if i where there I'd be dancing in it with my swimsuit. ya know like we used to do when we where little children?
yea exactly like THAT!

the fowlers said...

but the rain is freeeeeezing cold, sar.
you'd be an icicle.