Saturday, October 31


In one year I went from this hair:

to this hair:

Husband likes the long hair more. I like that I can put it up and have it completely out of my face (okay, so really I just don't ever do it). I probably need a trim to make it more manageable, seeing as the pregnancy is making my hair thick and crazy.

Also, you can see from the pictures that I no longer have a husband sleeping behind me.

Monday, October 26

Fowler Family Fall Festival

(My pumpkin next to Miles's . . . he's applying for medical school.
He proved to us that he should be anything but a surgeon.)

This weekend we had a Fowler Family Fall Festival!
I always mean to take a bunch of pictures, but I never do. I'm stealing some from Momma, since she got a few.

We stuffed ourselves on ham and soup and orange rolls and apple turnovers. We carved pumpkins and hung out and even got to see Nana and Pop-pop. Judge loves them best, mostly because Nana likes to sneak treats to Judge under the table.

We also met my brother-in-law's soon-to-be in-laws . . . did you follow me okay on that? I'm about to get a new sister-in-law and we met her parents. They're a lot of fun, too.

(They're still trying to decide on a wedding date. I'm kind of hoping they wait long enough for me to have a cute baby in the pictures instead of a gigantic belly, but I really don't blame them if they can't wait.)

Aren't they so cute?!

Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!

Also, I'm feeling better. Not 100%, but I'm getting there.

Wednesday, October 21

H1N1 . . . it seems.

I may or may not have the H1N1 virus.

I'm not actually sure because all I had to do was call the midwives and tell them I had flu-like symptoms and they immediately called in a prescription for Tamiflu.

Monday afternoon, as I was leaving work, my throat felt really itchy and I started to cough. By yesterday morning I had a low fever and I was coughing like crazy. When my fever finally hit 101, less than 24 hours after the first symptoms hit, I called for backup. That's when I got my medicine. Last night was pretty frightening, fighting to keep the fever down and to keep my little baby from boiling inside of me.

Luckily, my husband has been taking incredible care of me and my temperature right now is the most normal it has been since I've been pregnant. I'm just incredibly wiped out from the medicines and the battle inside my body. I'm hoping the worst is over.

The biggest bummer is that I'm missing some of the best fall weather yet.

Out of boredom, I'm trying to get Judge to play dress up. He hates it, but he sure looks adorable.

Wednesday, October 14


Package from my family!!

Got some more tiny clothes and
some autumn leaves from the mountains in Utah:

They also sent a copy of the wonderful poem my dad wrote about little girl:
(no, we aren't even close to narrowing down name options yet)

and a drawing I made when I was four or five and I found a pamphlet about pregnancy:
(here's where more sensitive viewers might want to end this post)

Click on the pictures to view them biiiiig.

Tuesday, October 13

One year . . .

We've been here in Georgia for one year now.

I came from the land of humidifiers to the land of dehumidifiers. I used to plow my way through snowy canyons in low 4-wheel drive and now I slosh through several inches of heavy rain, unable to keep the wipers going fast enough. I've graduated from kitchenette to real kitchen and I'm just getting better and better at making food - of course, it helps when there are numbers on the oven's temperature dial. I can (usually) find my way around in a city that doesn't have a numbered grid street system. I can let the dog out whenever he wants (even if it is just to chase a squirrel for thirty seconds before coming straight back inside). I've been bitten by fire ants, seen vultures on the side of the road and driven by bloated armadillo corpses. I've eaten my fair share of fried chicken. I still haven't had boiled peanuts. I don't know if I've said "ya'll" yet, but I don't think I have.

I don't think becoming a Southerner happens in one year, though.

These are the deer that come visit our backyard almost every day. One of these days, that momma is going to kick Judge in the face while he tries to chase them out of the yard. They are really losing patience with him.

Coming Soon: A Day in the Life of a Judge.

Friday, October 9

Something I'm really liking . . .

is this hybrid/remix thing that's going on.

Yeah, I know those aren't music videos . . . but the songs are what I like.

Tuesday, October 6

Do I look ten pounds heavier?

Did I mention that I gained ten pounds between doctor visits? That's right. I gained one pound in a one month then ten pounds in three weeks. Well, they think I gained ten pounds. (I did get the nurse to say that it was only nine pounds just by the look of shock on my face.) I think some of that weight was the gallon of water I chugged before my ultrasound because I was so afraid they wouldn't be able to see her little parts. Anyway, I got a little lecture about not gaining that much every time and all of that. It's a good thing I've stopped craving cheese and ice cream. I'm craving FISH.

I'm not normally a big fish eater. I love it at restaurants but it isn't usually something I buy to make at home. Now I have a cupboard full of tuna and some fish sticks in my freezer. No, I'm not constantly eating fish - I know about all that mercury stuff. However, a recent study shows that pregnant women who ate more than two or three servings of fish a week actually have smarter kids. Women who eat no seafood were 48% more likely to have children with low verbal IQ scores. I guess my little girl just wants all those omega-3 fatty acids. I think I have a baby that wants to be a genius!

PS - I am going on a search for the perfect rainboots. That's right! We actually need those things out here.

Sunday, October 4