Saturday, October 31


In one year I went from this hair:

to this hair:

Husband likes the long hair more. I like that I can put it up and have it completely out of my face (okay, so really I just don't ever do it). I probably need a trim to make it more manageable, seeing as the pregnancy is making my hair thick and crazy.

Also, you can see from the pictures that I no longer have a husband sleeping behind me.


Rachael Thomas said...

I just posted about my hair too.. crazy. Your hair grows fast. I'm sure the pregnancy has helped... I'm still jealous. Mine grows super slow.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous too. mine hasn't grown at all.maybe i should get pregnant... :)

Brynn said...

Brad... Okay I wanted to say "Braid" but that spelling is stupid and doesn't relate to the spelling of your name, and Brad just looks like... Brad.
So, when I say Brad-- I really mean Braid-- :) Get it? Good.
So my message: Brad, I LOVE and MISS YOU!!!
You cute preggo woman you!!

Scaliwag said...

oh cute! my hair had grown so much too I'll have to send you a couple of pictures! I love you. last night i had a dream you surprised us with a visit home for Halloween and when i woke up this weren't really here. :{ sad day ahhaha i miss you lovie!