Sunday, November 30

eight eight eight.


eight things that I'm passionate about

  • family
  • reading and literature
  • a job well done
  • beauty
  • learning
  • all sorts of weather
  • going on adventures
  • trying to be a little better every day

eight words or phrases I use often
  • "I know, right?"
  • "Are you serious?"
  • "Come ON."
  • "Dammit."
  • "Sorry."
  • "Pleeeeease?"
  • "Oh man."

eight things I want to do before I die
  • read as many good books as I possibly can
  • travel with my husband
  • be better at goal setting and accomplishing . . .
  • master cooking and baking
  • be a great mom
  • own our own home
  • learn, learn, learn
  • uh, basically just feel complete

eight things I want or need . . . (this one's hard.)
  • no more debt! (need and want)
  • a camera (strictly want)
  • a vacation!! (need . . . want)
  • better communications with the people I care about - and an address book! (need and want)
  • new glasses (sort of need, but mostly want)
  • a second vehicle, paid off completely (all want)
  • a house all our own (want - I really can't complain about no rent)
  • more fun time with family and friends (neeeeeeed!)

eight things I've learned from the past
(and I'm still learning and working on many things, make no mistake)
  • spend your time wisely
  • know when you need to do things for others and when you need to do things for yourself
  • just take a deep breath and do it already (because you can usually do it if you just try)
  • be patient
  • you have two ears, two eyes and one mouth for a reason - listen and watch before you speak
  • most people mean well, so give them a break
  • a few people are just mean, so forget about them
  • perfection is just doing your best (not someone else's best)

eight restaurants I love
(even though usually we eat out and realize that we could have made the same thing at home)
  • Foundry Grill (including the Sundance BAKERY!! yum desserts)
  • Del Taco
  • Rice King
  • Pudding on the Rice
  • Nicolitalia's
  • Purple Turtle
  • Osaka
  • Taco Amigo

I have to add eight establishments I love
  • thrift stores and junk stores
  • Harts in Pleasant Grove
  • craft stores
  • any museum
  • the General Store
  • bookstores
  • IKEA
  • sometimes Wal-Mart

eight shows I love to watch
  • Cold Case Files (NOT Cold Case)
  • The Office
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • American Justice
  • Law and Order (any kind, but the original is the best)
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Rock of Love Charm School
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

and that makes eight lists of eight.


Thursday, November 27

quickly . . .

when we got home this evening, i checked the facebook. my cute little sister had added some pictures to her profile, including one of the family dog, trigger.

before we moved, judge and trigger were best friends. i mean, dumb and dumber. i have never seen two doggies get along better in my life. i think judge has really been missing him.

so jimmy and i clicked on trigger's photo. judge was curled up on the bed. we thought it might be a cute idea to see if judge recognized his old buddy.

well, he definitely DID.

judge stared at the picture for a few seconds with a serious look on his face, then started growling and yelping and hopping around on the bed. it became a full-on freak out. he jumped up and down in circles and right off the bed. howling, he ran behind the desk and started looking for trigger behind the computer. he looked at me and then at the back of the computer with a pleading look on his face, waiting for me to let his friend out.

we both miss our friends and family. luckily, we just had a wonderful day with our other friends and family - so it's okay.

Tuesday, November 25

christmas list.

jimmy has been begging me to tell him what i want for christmas.

problem: i'm the worst at knowing what i want!

i'm serious. i have a hard time picking out what to eat of the drive-thru menu -- "a numberrrr . . . 4? no, 2. yeah, 2. with coke. oh. uh, do you have mountain dew? that. and make that a number 7 with no mayo. i don't want the number 2." if, on some rare occassion, i do know what i want - it's usually something weird and impossible or outrageously expensive.

for instance, here are some things i'd like to have eventually:*

*(be prepared! this list is probably going to be much more domestic and feminine than anyone has ever expected from me. don't die of shock.)

this linen cupboard from ikea. i love the yellow!
(since i can't wear yellow, i want to put it everywhere else.)

i'd also like a relatively nice camera. something with more to it than a little pocket digital and something that isn't so expensive and gadgety that i'm afraid to use it. (suggestions? i don't know where to start.)

i'd like (sometime) to have spectacular appliances, but most of all i'd like a dishwasher. currently, i am the dishwasher. between all the places i've lived, i haven't had a working dishwasher in almost four years. i also love all the bright colored washers and dryers.

i want a little friend for my dog! i know it can't happen.

i also want a real vacation. it doesn't have to be extravagant. just real.

i have to think of a less dreamy list for christmas.
well, pretty much i'd be satisfied with a minor shopping spree, a day without dishes and plenty of yummy christmas treats. i already do have just about everything i need to be happy.

Wednesday, November 19

doggies in the yard.

we bought judge an electric fence.

i know, i know. i didn't like the idea of my littlest friend being shocked in the neck, either.
however, seeing as we don't have a couple thousand to throw at putting up a fence around a house that isn't ours . . . this is our best alternative for letting our buddy run around outside without a leash.
so far he sits on the porch most of the time. we walked him around the yard to try and teach him the boundaries but really he just has to learn on his own. we send him out to explore and he loves it until he gets that little shock. that's when he runs right back to the porch and sits on the top step, his back against the sliding glass doors.
the first time we let him out on his own we put his toys outside with him. he immediately brought each one back in the house so that it would be safe.
luckily, i can tell he's slowly getting smarter and braver. he sniffs around longer and spends less time on the porch, afraid, before going back out to try again.

my little boy is growing up.

also, i don't have to stand outside with him until he's finished doing his business. that's a real plus.

p.s. - that's our real backyard! crappy camera phone pic!

Friday, November 14

sometimes i have too much time on my hands.

Saturday, November 8

waddaleeattcha, doodleleedoo.

favorite things this week:

making bajio's at home, 
modest mouse, 
low gas prices, 
vision video, 
vinyl art,  
local stores, 
movie marathons, 
using loose change, 
pepsi cubes, 
no more laundromats,
oprah specials,
animal friends,
reliable pens,
burning cds,
under the radar,

oh, and "sexual nightmares and sleep crimes."

Wednesday, November 5


first day on the job!
jungle bean. fiercefairylavaenglish. that is starting to make sense to me.

michael crichton is dead!
it was a case of the andromeda strain. okay, it was a t-rex.

we have a new president!
and he's pretty close to being a black guy. juuuuust kidding.

we didn't vote!
it was just really complicated . . . and we just didn't try.

i love "this american life"!
we love it. i made my husband love it, too.

finished a real long book!
now we're both going to read philip roth.

i hate this!