Thursday, September 27


i won't annoy you by telling you that this month flew.
(but it did. it really did. what even happened to the month? or the summer for that matter?)

does anybody remember when i used to do blurbies?
here are some from the september. 

i have been on an epic shopping journey since my birthday to try and find some clothes i like to fit my post-baby body and "complete" my wardrobe. it has been super difficult but i'm not complaining about new clothes.
let's go ahead and say post-babies body which is still shrinking (i hope it shrinks more). i'm too specific in what i want and it seems everyone is my size and has my taste and buys it all before i do. and jeans! let's not start on jeans.

i've been off internet pinterest and i've been real-life pinteresting at home. you know, finishing touches here and there. trying to (gasp) craft even!
where i can and what i can. only so much i can do, especially with babies. more often than not i'm just worried about keeping it clean. i can decorate all i want but what i really want is a clean house.

we also spend more time out. parks, stores, library, you name it.
now that poppy can walk it's just easier to take them and play. also harder, because now they can run in different directions...


husband and i did a 5k earlier this month. a real one. with times. i wasn't last!
i'm going to complain and say that it was rough. like, so much uphill! but worth it. 

 ("i wish i could be a bald eagle!" - actual quote)

i've been trying to read more. i finished a (short) book in two days for the first time in a long time and felt super great.
remember when i used to read a book almost daily? gosh. and remember how i'm trying to read a 925 page library book right now and it is really intense? double gosh. 

husband is about to finish his horrible statistics class. 
i'm not even taking the class and i want to jump for joy! 

ellie is hilarious!
so much personality. i think i feel another quotes post coming...

poppy is beyond adorable!
her legs. walking. oh, precious. 

i have some videos i'm trying so hard to upload.
uploading means lots of time on the computer and i spend a lot of time staring at the rainbow "loading" wheel. but someday, you'll have some great videos. 

am i missing lots of things? of course. honestly, i've been fighting off the urge to hole up and avoid everyone for the entire month. that happens to me often.
hard to explain, but i'm fighting it. we're doing stuff! that's a big deal!

Thursday, September 20


alternate title:


fall is here. early!
why couldn't this have happened last year when i was heavy and HOT with child?

here are some pictures wrapping up our summer. 
(oh, my blog is so sad. so, so sad.)

(we spent a good portion of august at sandy creek park, running or swimming.)

more pictures of us kicking off fall - coming soon.

Wednesday, September 5

on her own two feet.

getting some playtime alone - for once in her life!

poppy is over nine months now. she's been outside as long as she was inside and it has gone by fast. 
yesterday i pulled out some of ellie's 12 & 18 month clothes. they're slightly big, but they fit poppy. sniff, sniff - no! too big.

 no hands!

she has been standing for longer and longer periods of time.
she can go from sitting to standing in a snap and she has even taken a few steps, no more than three or four. she is good at crawling so she'll just give up and crawl instead.
she's so eager to get moving. she doesn't hold still for a minute. she just has somewhere to be.
if you hold her hand and let her walk with you, you'll be her best friend. 
she also loves to hold onto knees and walk along with the big people.


other things she's up to lately:

says "doh! doh! doh! goh! goh!" all the time. she sounds like she's always up for a conversation. her voice is a little low and scratchy. she always jabbers and loves, loves to say "dada!" and even "dadeee!"

eats everything. she is so interested in food (obviously, judging by her little butterball body). she especially loves sweet potato fries, noodles, avocado and cookies. oh, and every day she gets into the plant and taste-tests the dirt.

(don't get me wrong, though, she's not just chubby. she has some serious muscle under there! she's very, very strong. she basically does squats all day with her sitting-to-standing. i've seen her tackle ellie and she can climb like nobody's business. i often think "this girl is a survivor!")

crawls away from her diaper change after i've cleaned her bum and before her new diaper is on. every. time. laughs and laughs and laughs as i chase her. buns on the run!

has three little hillbilly teethies. still makes the "granny-without-her-teeth-in" mouth all the time. she's growing in her two top teeth and having a hard time sleeping.

squeals and growls at the most perfect moments; squeals when she is having fun, growls mainly when you aren't feeding her fast enough. 

she dances like crazy. she sticks her booty out and bounces if she hears any music.

she snuggles the best. and when she's falling asleep, she likes to pull her ear and suck her thumb (which at first made me think she had an ear infection, but i'm pretty sure it's just her tired signal). she's still a rotten little hair-puller, too. ouch! she thinks it is soooo funny.

 love those brown eyes!

poppy still has the best smiles. she brightens up a room. she gets the giggles all the time and makes everyone laugh. i love watching her grow and can't wait to see what she does next. 

sweet pea, we love you.