Thursday, September 20


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fall is here. early!
why couldn't this have happened last year when i was heavy and HOT with child?

here are some pictures wrapping up our summer. 
(oh, my blog is so sad. so, so sad.)

(we spent a good portion of august at sandy creek park, running or swimming.)

more pictures of us kicking off fall - coming soon.


Just SO said...

Your blog is NOT sad! It is full of those cute girly faces with their smiles and curls! How on earth could it be sad?!?

Can't wait to see more about fall.

(BTW that is a HUGE cow!)

Ann Taylor said...

the only sad thing about your blog is that you're WAY too busy to update often- a sadness I certainly understand!! I love the pictures :D

Erynn said...

hey, your blog is WAY better than mine. I hope fall comes early and stays for a while out this way too!