Wednesday, April 29

Golden Girls.

I know this sounds crazy, but I really think that watching The Golden Girls makes me a better person.

When I was a kid, I remember staying home from school sick and Golden Girls would come on. I'd try to watch, but I was too young to understand it. I remember thinking that the only set they used was a bare room with a kitchen table, where they sat and talked and ate. I thought the whole show consisted of them sitting around, like The View or something.

Then, after I started college, my roommate (and very, very good friend) and I got really sick one night and curled up on the couches, miserable. Flipping through the channels, we stopped on Lifetime. They were playing a Golden Girls marathon and we started watching an episode called The Flu, in which all the girls get really sick and mad at each other. A few hours later, we couldn't believe that we were watching and laughing and feeling a lot better, even though we were still sick.

I eventually got a couple of seasons on DVD. As a kid, I never thought I could relate to the show. Now these ladies feel like my friends! I know, I never thought I would be saying this either but I LOVE GOLDEN GIRLS. I think they've really changed my life, even if it's just a little. I have been watching season 3 on youtube and every episode makes me laugh but honestly it makes me think. I've learned about being independent, funny, confident, kind, honest, understanding, tolerant, a good friend and much more. All in all, the show is lessons on how to be a great, well-rounded woman. I guess you can say I look up to these fictional characters and they have actually turned out to be relevant, inspiring role models - even though they were in their fifties and sixties (no older than thirty-five, if you ask Blanche) when I was born.

Did you know they consumed over 100 cheesecakes on-air during the run of the show?

Seriously, how weird is it that this is the show that really sticks with me? I wouldn't believe it if I were you.

Sunday, April 26

in need of a good ramble?

I'm just going to jot down a few (or it could work up to several) disjointed, unrelated, streaming thoughts from my brain. Got it? Here goes:

If anyone watched The Office this past week (don't worry, I won't give away any spoilers), there was something that Pam said that almost made me cry. I know, I know, but hear me out. It jerked some tears because it was something I have actually said and it was even more depressing hearing someone else say it. It went something like "You want to hear something sad? I applied for some jobs. I applied at Old Navy, Target and WalMart and you know what? Not one of them called me back, not even one interview." When she started saying it in the scene, husband turned around and looked at me because he knew it was exactly my same situation. Okay, I know people are worse off than I am but come on! WalMart rejection? Don't tell me that isn't really low.

Remember when Judge was being really cute in the woods? Well, we pulled over ten disgusting and gigantic ticks off his little body yesterday. I'm not even sure we got them all because his hair is so thick. A few hours after we thought we got them all we found a few more. Poor boy. He was really good little patient but now I'm afraid to let him outside.

I'm wondering if people ever go to rehab for a sugar addiction. I'm not kidding when I say I'm usually thinking about when I'm going to get my next fix. I'm trying to fend off the cravings with the higher-quality diet sodas, but it doesn't seem to help. I can't chew gum for more than a few minutes unless I want my jaw to ache for the next week. I drink a glass of Crystal Light in a split-second. In the end, I find myself flipping through the dessert sections of recipe books, trying to find anything that I already have the ingredients to make. I usually give up and hit the gas station for some humongous candy bar and a giant bottle of flavored, fizzy syrup. Mmmm.

I think I have retained some quirks from my position as the oldest child in the family. For instance, every once in a while I really have a hard time sharing things. I think it comes from always having younger siblings who were cuter and didn't understand about birthdays (so they got presents on my birthday, too) and, well, basically didn't have any concept of property. It's like living with a tribe - what's mine is theirs and what's theirs is theirs . . . ? I'm also a control freak, maybe because I was always the one "in charge" whenever anyone needed someone to be in charge. I'm a perfectionist because I was always the example, the older one, the one who knew better. I just read that 1/2 of the U.S. presidents were first-borns and that 21 of the first 23 astronauts were oldest children. A lot of us oldests become real go-getters, real movers and shakers. Too bad. Instead of cultivating the traits of a CEO, I took all the characteristics of a nervous wreck!

Wednesday, April 22

another day in the park.

some very ornery geese chased Judge and I around the pond.
I was pretty intimidated but Judge didn't seem to notice.

we actually saw more wildlife in our yard this morning than I've ever seen at the park.
all the baby deer are hanging out in the woods lately.
it is making Judge absolutely crazy. he only thinks about chasing them.

Judge was pretty cute today. he wanted to explore every trail. he even sniffed around in this hollowed out tree. it was downright adorable.
he's a pretty good little boy most of the time.

we were sure worn out.
good thing we had golden girls to watch on youtube this afternoon.

Sunday, April 19


it's been a little while since i couldn't think of much to say, so here we go with some blurbies!
and, as usual, i'm sure nobody will enjoy them more than i will.

we had almost a whole week of fantastic weather!
we both have tomorrow off, but it is going to be rainy - somehow days off always work out that way lately.

judge is stuck in some kind of weird food-stealing phase!
maybe he's sick of the diet dog food we're feeding him.

somehow, most of my dirty clothes this week are pajamas!
that means i'm either hanging around the house most of the time or i'm only wearing one pair of jeans.

it is possible to see rolling clouds of pollen coming out of the woods!
i think anyone and everyone must have some sort of allergy going on right now.

i rode on the motorcycle!
i borrowed a helmet that was way too big and it fell down over my eyes the whole time.

i have probably had too much caffeine today!
and i'm thinking it is my drug of choice - it must be hereditary.

Thursday, April 16

i just gave my brother-in-law a bloody nose.

it's true!
i made him laugh so hard his nose bled.
i just wanted to sound tough.

how, you ask?

i was talking to him and eating, totally nonchalant, when he stopped talking and stared at me. well, i was spreading leftover cupcake frosting onto marshmallows and eating them. he said, "is that . . . ?"

and i said, " . . . frosting? yeah."

and he said, " . . . and you're . . . "

and i said, "well, at least i'm spreading the frosting on something! yesterday i just ate it with a spoon."

and then he burst into laughter and broke a vessel or something.

and i said, "don't tell my husband."

anyway, i'm still eating it.
anybody want to try and challenge my sweet tooth? didn't think so.

Wednesday, April 15

the second vehicle.

well, it's nothing i had ever expected, but here it is!

doesn't he look so cool?

Monday, April 13

hoppy easter to all
and to all a good night!

hope your last few days were pleasant.
ours were filled with cupcakes and candies and yummy, yummy ham.

oh, and the power went out for a minute and judge ate all my chocolate covered peanuts.
how rude.

Thursday, April 9

ABC of Bradie

Eh, why not?

Age: 22.

Bed Size: queen.

Chore I Hate: does calling someone to pay a bill or figure out charges count?

Dog's Name: Judge.

Essential Start-My-Day Item: see above. waking him up in the morning.

Favorite Color: I love green, but I love most colors too.

Gold or Silver: both, it depends on the day.

Height: 5'5" . . . last time I checked.

Instruments I Play(ed): I tried piano for a little while.

Job Title: accessories specialist. I know.

Kid(s): none yet and none soon.

Living Arrangements: don't get me started!

Mom's Name: Catherine.

Nicknames: Brindy, Braids, Bradiemuggins, you know.

Overnight Hospital Stay Other Than Birth: hmm. I can't remember if I stayed over for my face surgery or not. I just remember bleeding and pus and it seemed like eternity.

Pet Peeve: there are so many . . . laziness is one. laziness in the workplace. you're being paid!

Quote from a Movie: a movie I saw recently? "see you in hell." "if I see you in hell, I'm kicking your (butt) out!"

Right or Left-Handed: right-handed.

Siblings: Erynn (and Nate), Sarah, Tatum and Noah. Also John, Miles and Lauren/Bear.

Time I Wake Up: oh please . . . I work in retail. husband and I could have to be at work anywhere from 7 AM to 11 PM. find us other jobs and I might have a regular schedule.

Underwear: 5 for $10 at my job.

Vegetable I Dislike: I like most veggies . . . even cucumber, which I used to hate. I still have a hard time with red peppers unless they are the kind I sprinkle on pizza.

Ways I Run Late: sitting around on my bum! what do you mean? I'm the only thing that makes me run late.

X-rays I've Had: face, teeth, digestive system, chest . . . probably a limb.

Yummy Food I Make: cookies and chicken salad.

Zoo Favorite: everything! I love the big cats.

Wednesday, April 8

happy (early) easter, judgie.

how smart is my baby doggie?

smart enough to find his easter present under my bed.
he brought it up to me, still in the wrapper, and tried to get me to play with him.
what a bum.

it's not like he knows the difference between easter and any other day,
so i just let him keep it.

but how will i ever make a good santa if i can't even hide things from my (unusually smart) dog?

Tuesday, April 7


A couple of weeks ago I came home from work to find this on my bed!

It had come in the mail from my great-aunt in New York and sweet husband had put it on the bed for me to find. My great-aunt is just getting into quilting and sent me one of her firsts. Isn't it fun? I didn't have any quilts of my own until now. I mean, I had some baby blankets and whathaveyou but nothing like this. I'm so happy. I remember loving patchwork quilts as a kid because it seemed like there was always something new to look it. I'd notice a different patch every time I used it. I'm excited for my kiddies to love it, too.

These are a few of my favorite patches so far:

I guess I'm into florals right now.

Sunday, April 5

sandy creek.

It has been a little while.
We didn't have internet and . . . long, dumb story . . . now we do.

Judge and I went on a nature hike at the park a few miles away. I tried to take some pictures while he pulled on my arm and cried. Baby. I know it's a lame excuse, but fuzzy pictures happen when you're holding a leash and a camera at the same time and there are all sorts of interesting smells going on.

We took the Claypit Pond trail - it's swampy and . . . clayish.

We saw some geese and a turtle but Judge isn't patient enough for birdwatching.

This is from the Pine Ridge trail. The skyline is actually visible.

Yes, we do have ents here in Georgia. (ha ha ha, I'm hilarious.)
But seriously, creepy tree.

It's all much prettier in person. Come and see for yourself sometime.