Sunday, April 5

sandy creek.

It has been a little while.
We didn't have internet and . . . long, dumb story . . . now we do.

Judge and I went on a nature hike at the park a few miles away. I tried to take some pictures while he pulled on my arm and cried. Baby. I know it's a lame excuse, but fuzzy pictures happen when you're holding a leash and a camera at the same time and there are all sorts of interesting smells going on.

We took the Claypit Pond trail - it's swampy and . . . clayish.

We saw some geese and a turtle but Judge isn't patient enough for birdwatching.

This is from the Pine Ridge trail. The skyline is actually visible.

Yes, we do have ents here in Georgia. (ha ha ha, I'm hilarious.)
But seriously, creepy tree.

It's all much prettier in person. Come and see for yourself sometime.


SO said...

I'm so glad you have the internet again!

That is a seriously creepy tree. And your comment about the Ent made me laugh. I would LOVE to come and see for myself how pretty it is.

BTW will you have an accent when you come back in July?

the fowlers said...

I don't think so. Sometimes I barely understand the accent! So far, I don't even say "ya'll" but I'm picking up on some phrases. You guys will have to tell me!

Nick and Emily said...

i love your pictures so much. have you considered becoming professional. i really think you should. so much of your stuff looks straight out of a magazine. You do such a good job. i think you should get an interview somewhere. WHY NOT? right. you totally could.