Thursday, April 9

ABC of Bradie

Eh, why not?

Age: 22.

Bed Size: queen.

Chore I Hate: does calling someone to pay a bill or figure out charges count?

Dog's Name: Judge.

Essential Start-My-Day Item: see above. waking him up in the morning.

Favorite Color: I love green, but I love most colors too.

Gold or Silver: both, it depends on the day.

Height: 5'5" . . . last time I checked.

Instruments I Play(ed): I tried piano for a little while.

Job Title: accessories specialist. I know.

Kid(s): none yet and none soon.

Living Arrangements: don't get me started!

Mom's Name: Catherine.

Nicknames: Brindy, Braids, Bradiemuggins, you know.

Overnight Hospital Stay Other Than Birth: hmm. I can't remember if I stayed over for my face surgery or not. I just remember bleeding and pus and it seemed like eternity.

Pet Peeve: there are so many . . . laziness is one. laziness in the workplace. you're being paid!

Quote from a Movie: a movie I saw recently? "see you in hell." "if I see you in hell, I'm kicking your (butt) out!"

Right or Left-Handed: right-handed.

Siblings: Erynn (and Nate), Sarah, Tatum and Noah. Also John, Miles and Lauren/Bear.

Time I Wake Up: oh please . . . I work in retail. husband and I could have to be at work anywhere from 7 AM to 11 PM. find us other jobs and I might have a regular schedule.

Underwear: 5 for $10 at my job.

Vegetable I Dislike: I like most veggies . . . even cucumber, which I used to hate. I still have a hard time with red peppers unless they are the kind I sprinkle on pizza.

Ways I Run Late: sitting around on my bum! what do you mean? I'm the only thing that makes me run late.

X-rays I've Had: face, teeth, digestive system, chest . . . probably a limb.

Yummy Food I Make: cookies and chicken salad.

Zoo Favorite: everything! I love the big cats.


SO said...

Okay I LOVE Judges face in this picture!! He's cracking me up. And I love your accessories specialist you!

Nick and Emily said...

I'm so glad you did this too. it's so much fun. oh, and i always think that people shouldn't be lazy on the job every time i visit the wal'mart.

and i laughed out loud at your answer to underwear.

I miss you bradiemuggins. it's been a really really long time. i hope you are well.

Nick say's you sound fun and we need to come out there and visit you..... i think so too.

James Fowler said...

we're coming out this summer some time . . . i'm making a list of things to do while there. a visit to my 3rd ward friends should happen, especially with missions being done. let's all play.

Rachel H said...

i miss your chicken salad!! and i miss you!!