Thursday, April 16

i just gave my brother-in-law a bloody nose.

it's true!
i made him laugh so hard his nose bled.
i just wanted to sound tough.

how, you ask?

i was talking to him and eating, totally nonchalant, when he stopped talking and stared at me. well, i was spreading leftover cupcake frosting onto marshmallows and eating them. he said, "is that . . . ?"

and i said, " . . . frosting? yeah."

and he said, " . . . and you're . . . "

and i said, "well, at least i'm spreading the frosting on something! yesterday i just ate it with a spoon."

and then he burst into laughter and broke a vessel or something.

and i said, "don't tell my husband."

anyway, i'm still eating it.
anybody want to try and challenge my sweet tooth? didn't think so.


SO said...

You are tough. Your sweet tooth can take on anyone else and win. Anyone who can eat a smartie wrapped in a caramel wins hands down. Do I need to mail you some graham crackers for that frosting?

Nick and Emily said...

that is HILARIOUS! what power you have. better be careful, you could kill someone.