Tuesday, April 7


A couple of weeks ago I came home from work to find this on my bed!

It had come in the mail from my great-aunt in New York and sweet husband had put it on the bed for me to find. My great-aunt is just getting into quilting and sent me one of her firsts. Isn't it fun? I didn't have any quilts of my own until now. I mean, I had some baby blankets and whathaveyou but nothing like this. I'm so happy. I remember loving patchwork quilts as a kid because it seemed like there was always something new to look it. I'd notice a different patch every time I used it. I'm excited for my kiddies to love it, too.

These are a few of my favorite patches so far:

I guess I'm into florals right now.


SO said...

How cool is that??? I love it. Grandma Norma had one on her bed when I was growing up that Grandma Louise made from scraps of material that were left over from outfits that she had made for us. I loved that quilt. I loved finding the scraps of the dresses that I remembered. I still have dresses that Grandma L made me. I really should make a quilt out of them... I'll never fit into them again.

Nick and Emily said...

that's awesome. i love quilts. i didn't think i did. but i do. they are so nice. they keep you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot. yeah for awesomeness.

the fowlers said...

shanna! that would be awesome if you did make that quilt - stories and stories to tell whenever it came out. it would make a wonderful grandma quilt (not that you're anywhere close to being a grandma, but still).