Tuesday, August 25

baby bump, 2nd trimester, stuff like that.

That's my tummy yesterday.

I'm almost 15 weeks now and right in the beginning of the second part of this adventure. Keep in mind that wearing a bra makes the bump look smaller than it is, considering I'm one full cup size bigger already. Yes, husband is very pleased with all of the recent developments - baby, breasts and, best of all, I'm (mostly) not sick anymore. I still can't really deal with the garage smell (recipe: garbage, gasoline, workout equipment, heat) or really strong smelling meats. I have made some really great food from my new birthday cookbook. Chicken marsala, enchiladas, baked penne . . . mmmm. In fact, husband has gained a couple of pounds this week but I actually haven't gained any weight. I'm almost the same as before I got pregnant, except that I have a really pokey-out tummy. The doctor isn't concerned, so I'm not . . . yet.

Now that I have an appetite, I'm hungry all the time! I eat right before I go to bed because my stomach is growling but when I wake up it is still growling. I think about my next meal all the time. Lately the things I want to eat are: personal pan pizzas, Indian food, grilled chicken, radishes and FANTA. Oh, Fanta. Cherry, orange, strawberry, grape!! I love you!

I don't think I'm having really weird cravings because I've always eaten strangely - ask anyone.

Anyway, I'm liking trimester two so far. I'm even starting to look pregnant and not just chubby. I have to go make a huge dinner and an even bigger milkshake before begging husband to take me out for candy and snacks later. Yuuuuum.

Tuesday, August 18

New Due Date: February 20, 2010.

Here's Baby -
body and hands and feet.

Tuesday, August 11

A few adventures to report.

We've had some fun! Unfortunately, I haven't taken my camera along with me lately. With the way my memory is working, I'd probably leave it somewhere absolutely awful and never see it again. You'll just have to take my word for it.

A couple of weeks ago the husband and I took a day trip with the other supervisors from his work. We went to Helen, Georgia. It's this little touristy town that is all dressed up like a German village and has horse-drawn carriages and Oktoberfest parties and gem shops and the like. It's a little bit cheesy and a lot of fun. The town is in the Appalachians, so it is up in the "mountains" (at least, the small mountains we have around here). The Chattahoochee river runs through the area and we floated the river in tubes. It was a lot of fun, even though I got a wicked burn on the front half of my body. I'm still peeling. We had a cookout and then went downtown to get some delicious fudge. I got rock candy, too. I might make husband take me back soon to get another fudge fix. It was gone in minutes.

I found a picture online of some of the buildings in Helen. Even the Wendy's and the Waffle House look all Hansel-and-Gretel - it's actually a city building ordinance!

Basically, it's like Park City but instead of rich people it attracts ordinary types like you and me. Oh, and there are a lot more fun things to do without spending all your life savings in one go.

We also spent a couple of days hanging out with the husband's cute sister before she heads back up to Virginia to finish her last year in college. We had family, pizza, cookies and Star Wars . . . basically all the ingredients for a great time. I also made the easiest and best chocolate cake of my life, as shown:

We've also had the pleasure of attending some barbeques and cookouts, which saves my stomach and fills my poor, starving husband. We even won a patio set at the Home Depot party! We're setting it up later today, so I'll get some pictures of our new outdoor room.

All in all, we're just getting started with the fun. I plan on making the most of the early autumn - hopefully it cools down enough for us to spend more time outside.


I haven't been a very diligent writer at all.

I'd like to say I was too busy having a fantastic time to get on the internet, but it isn't really true. I think that I haven't been blogging because I don't like thinking about how crummy I've been feeling lately. Oh, it could be worse. I'm not throwing up all the time. I only throw up when I try to go in the garage or get anything out of the fridge/freezer (yeah, I know, it doesn't make sense).

I just have this hungry feeling that never goes away because, even when I eat, I don't feel good. My stomach wants something and I don't know what that something is. Also, my body seems to think that any food from my kitchen is disgusting (and it shows disgust by gagging whenever I pick up any food item that has been in the kitchen for more than a few hours). Have you seen Ghost Town? I sound - gagggg - like that - gaggggg.

Anyway, I did think about fish tacos constantly for about a week before I finally got some yesterday. The husband took me out for a little early birthday food . . . he has to work late on the real day, so we had some fun and I got what I wanted. Well, close enough. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it did have crispy tilapia and cabbage and creamy sauce, so it was pretty good.

Okay, enough complaining. What I said before wasn't 100 percent true. I have been having a semi-fantastic time the past couple of weeks and we have been on a few small adventures. I'll continue on that a little later.

Lately I'm a real sloth. Since I feel too gross to eat and too tired to move and too achy to even sit up . . . I just spend my time trying to relax, but mostly getting up to pee and checking to make sure something delicious hasn't shown up in my kitchen by magic.

So, that said, I have to get something done before my husband comes home.