Tuesday, August 11

A few adventures to report.

We've had some fun! Unfortunately, I haven't taken my camera along with me lately. With the way my memory is working, I'd probably leave it somewhere absolutely awful and never see it again. You'll just have to take my word for it.

A couple of weeks ago the husband and I took a day trip with the other supervisors from his work. We went to Helen, Georgia. It's this little touristy town that is all dressed up like a German village and has horse-drawn carriages and Oktoberfest parties and gem shops and the like. It's a little bit cheesy and a lot of fun. The town is in the Appalachians, so it is up in the "mountains" (at least, the small mountains we have around here). The Chattahoochee river runs through the area and we floated the river in tubes. It was a lot of fun, even though I got a wicked burn on the front half of my body. I'm still peeling. We had a cookout and then went downtown to get some delicious fudge. I got rock candy, too. I might make husband take me back soon to get another fudge fix. It was gone in minutes.

I found a picture online of some of the buildings in Helen. Even the Wendy's and the Waffle House look all Hansel-and-Gretel - it's actually a city building ordinance!

Basically, it's like Park City but instead of rich people it attracts ordinary types like you and me. Oh, and there are a lot more fun things to do without spending all your life savings in one go.

We also spent a couple of days hanging out with the husband's cute sister before she heads back up to Virginia to finish her last year in college. We had family, pizza, cookies and Star Wars . . . basically all the ingredients for a great time. I also made the easiest and best chocolate cake of my life, as shown:

We've also had the pleasure of attending some barbeques and cookouts, which saves my stomach and fills my poor, starving husband. We even won a patio set at the Home Depot party! We're setting it up later today, so I'll get some pictures of our new outdoor room.

All in all, we're just getting started with the fun. I plan on making the most of the early autumn - hopefully it cools down enough for us to spend more time outside.

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Scaliwag said...

oh wow bradie this is amazing!
that looks like so much fun.
and the fudge is a bonus!
i miss you guys so much and hope to see you sometime in the near future!