Tuesday, August 11


I haven't been a very diligent writer at all.

I'd like to say I was too busy having a fantastic time to get on the internet, but it isn't really true. I think that I haven't been blogging because I don't like thinking about how crummy I've been feeling lately. Oh, it could be worse. I'm not throwing up all the time. I only throw up when I try to go in the garage or get anything out of the fridge/freezer (yeah, I know, it doesn't make sense).

I just have this hungry feeling that never goes away because, even when I eat, I don't feel good. My stomach wants something and I don't know what that something is. Also, my body seems to think that any food from my kitchen is disgusting (and it shows disgust by gagging whenever I pick up any food item that has been in the kitchen for more than a few hours). Have you seen Ghost Town? I sound - gagggg - like that - gaggggg.

Anyway, I did think about fish tacos constantly for about a week before I finally got some yesterday. The husband took me out for a little early birthday food . . . he has to work late on the real day, so we had some fun and I got what I wanted. Well, close enough. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it did have crispy tilapia and cabbage and creamy sauce, so it was pretty good.

Okay, enough complaining. What I said before wasn't 100 percent true. I have been having a semi-fantastic time the past couple of weeks and we have been on a few small adventures. I'll continue on that a little later.

Lately I'm a real sloth. Since I feel too gross to eat and too tired to move and too achy to even sit up . . . I just spend my time trying to relax, but mostly getting up to pee and checking to make sure something delicious hasn't shown up in my kitchen by magic.

So, that said, I have to get something done before my husband comes home.

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