Thursday, October 30

i have the best family. period.

yesterday we all got together to celebrate the life of this man.
i don't think any day could be better.
i just wish jimmy could have been with us, because jimmy loved grandpa and grandpa sure loved him. you might not believe it when you first met him, but grandpa loved pretty much everyone unconditionally.
a lot of people talk about unconditional love. i'm not sure if they've really ever seen it. there is no greater example of unconditional love than this man, right here.
well, except maybe one example (but just that one).

bye, grandpa.

Saturday, October 25

we'll eat you up, we love you so.

today, at walmart, i saw a pretty interesting car.
the hood had a scene from "where the wild things are" painted on it.

i thought i heard somewhere that the book is being made into a movie?
let me check on that.

yep. checked imdb. it's for real. so spike jonze, this time next year?

Wednesday, October 22

my partner in crime

the skull in the mail

judge and i explored the woods today.

i discovered something:

judge is the worst exploring buddy i can imagine!
he's loud and rough and he pulled me through a brier patch!
(now i have band-aids on the tops of my feet. ow.)
i had to lead him back to the house! what kind of hound is he, anyway?!

anyway, i also discovered the woods in our backyard lead out to an open field. i wonder where the property ends? annnnnnnd . . . i really just want to build a fort out there. bad.

also, i found a perfectly intact squirrel skull. my dad keeps a bucket full of small skulls in the kitchen at home. i'm trying to think of a way to send the skull to my dad in the mail, but after the big move i really don't trust the postal service with my belongings.

we sent all of our books by media mail and the box with our best books apparently exploded in denver and the books got all mixed in with the rest of the mail. (i think whoever opened the boxes to check the contents couldn't resist our great taste in literature and took off with our books!) anyway, we also ended up with someone's bible that had a rock taped inside of it. what?

mailing a skull will be a good challenge, i think.

Tuesday, October 21

saxon woods

i took judge for a walk last night and a cute, chubby little mexican boy asked to pet him.
then he asked me if judge "fights with other dogs" or not.

i didn't see any other dogs or any chain link fencing.
i told him that judge mostly just likes to be friends.
and his baby sister with hoop earrings tried to feed my dog a stick.
and judge had an asthma attack.
it wasn't as loud as the donkey that lives down the street, but it sounded pretty similar.

Monday, October 20

and now, for the main event . . .

forevermore, this blog shall be the blog in which our escapades shall be recorded.

but don't expect much from a couple of couch potatoes and their dog.