Wednesday, April 22

another day in the park.

some very ornery geese chased Judge and I around the pond.
I was pretty intimidated but Judge didn't seem to notice.

we actually saw more wildlife in our yard this morning than I've ever seen at the park.
all the baby deer are hanging out in the woods lately.
it is making Judge absolutely crazy. he only thinks about chasing them.

Judge was pretty cute today. he wanted to explore every trail. he even sniffed around in this hollowed out tree. it was downright adorable.
he's a pretty good little boy most of the time.

we were sure worn out.
good thing we had golden girls to watch on youtube this afternoon.


SO said...

That is just beautiful! So green. That is so cool that Judge enjoys it so much.

Nick and Emily said...

brave little judge. i would've been freaked out by the geese.