Thursday, September 27


i won't annoy you by telling you that this month flew.
(but it did. it really did. what even happened to the month? or the summer for that matter?)

does anybody remember when i used to do blurbies?
here are some from the september. 

i have been on an epic shopping journey since my birthday to try and find some clothes i like to fit my post-baby body and "complete" my wardrobe. it has been super difficult but i'm not complaining about new clothes.
let's go ahead and say post-babies body which is still shrinking (i hope it shrinks more). i'm too specific in what i want and it seems everyone is my size and has my taste and buys it all before i do. and jeans! let's not start on jeans.

i've been off internet pinterest and i've been real-life pinteresting at home. you know, finishing touches here and there. trying to (gasp) craft even!
where i can and what i can. only so much i can do, especially with babies. more often than not i'm just worried about keeping it clean. i can decorate all i want but what i really want is a clean house.

we also spend more time out. parks, stores, library, you name it.
now that poppy can walk it's just easier to take them and play. also harder, because now they can run in different directions...


husband and i did a 5k earlier this month. a real one. with times. i wasn't last!
i'm going to complain and say that it was rough. like, so much uphill! but worth it. 

 ("i wish i could be a bald eagle!" - actual quote)

i've been trying to read more. i finished a (short) book in two days for the first time in a long time and felt super great.
remember when i used to read a book almost daily? gosh. and remember how i'm trying to read a 925 page library book right now and it is really intense? double gosh. 

husband is about to finish his horrible statistics class. 
i'm not even taking the class and i want to jump for joy! 

ellie is hilarious!
so much personality. i think i feel another quotes post coming...

poppy is beyond adorable!
her legs. walking. oh, precious. 

i have some videos i'm trying so hard to upload.
uploading means lots of time on the computer and i spend a lot of time staring at the rainbow "loading" wheel. but someday, you'll have some great videos. 

am i missing lots of things? of course. honestly, i've been fighting off the urge to hole up and avoid everyone for the entire month. that happens to me often.
hard to explain, but i'm fighting it. we're doing stuff! that's a big deal!


Chantal Marie said...

your girls are incredibly cute. I love Poppy's chubby legs and tiny feet. Makes you wonder how walking is even possible.

Grandma Doni said...

Such adorable girls!!

Ann Taylor said...

HAHAHA- she steps quite stylishly! And I know what you mean by wanting to hide away from doing things.

Saimi said...

You are one busy mama!! Yeah, sometimes you have to let a few things go...I totally get it, just don't ever give up blogging. I can't bear the thought of not seeing pictures of those darling girls of yours!

Ash said...

I'd like a post of books you like. I need something good to read that isn't about bowel movements. Good luck with the 900 something page book! That's a challenge.

Also, cute cute babies. As always.

pefblog said...

Thanks for sharing...the girls are beautiful.