Monday, October 1

hair today...

gone. like, yesterday.

so i've been doing a yearly hair post since we moved here four years ago. 
i thought i would update early. 

in the second and last picture i am pregnant and puffy. yeesh. 

well, big news and another crappy sepia toned picture (for tradition's sake):

it's gone.
my hair was out of control postpartum. it was like, hermione in the first harry potter book. i couldn't even put it in a ponytail or braid, it was just too huge. so here i am, bobbed. 

likin' it!

also, i love this picture: 

do you see that gang conspiring against me in the background? yeah.


O'Connor Famiglia said...

You are so cute! You are lucky that you look great with a short or long cut, but I totally get the hermione hair, especially with the humidity out east. I have that kind of hair every day of my life. I feel lucky to have a husband who isn't scared of me when I wake up in the morning. ;)

Sarah Bradley said...

I love it!!! And I love that picture too. :)

Kathleen said...

You look wonderful! I love your hair

Ann Taylor said...

You look GREAT! I love it!! I dream of cutting my hair short again- it'd make David sad though so I'm holding off till after the baby :D

Ash said...

Your hair always looks great, no matter what. I'm a little sad you didn't try the ombre, but that bob is awesome, so I'll get over it.

Erynn said...

loving the new do!! and i'm sorry to say that ellie looks like the ring leader back there!!