Friday, October 5

ellie quotes. spooky-style. with video!

she found a "shiny minewal" outside. you can see her mouth forming the "wa" sound in the second picture.  

ellie has been so funny, as usual. she really enjoys the halloween season - it seems to be her favorite time of year. she loves to look at all the "spooky stuff" and costumes and leaves and "pumpkin pies" (which are just pumpkins) and "scary ghosts!"

after suggesting all sorts of costumes to her (fairy, princess, etc) she decided she wants to be "a white cat just like thomas" (grammie's cat). poppy is going to be a black cat, even though all year (literally) ellie has insisted that poppy should be "a cheese" for halloween. not exactly sure what "a cheese" is, but i was just picturing her with a cheesehead hat on her body instead.

the absolute gem of the month (if not the year) was this little conversation:

we were in walmart and saw a little dancing mummy. she didn't really like it much (it creeped her out). she asked me what it was, and i told her it was a mummy. i explained that it was a monster wrapped up in fabric like toilet paper and it went around moaning. 
"what is wrong with THAT monster?" she said. 
"well, i guess it just isn't very happy that it died and came back to life," i responded. 
by that time we were in the parking lot and i buckled her in and we drove away. 
she was quiet for a long time. about five minutes later, she suddenly yelled:
"DIED and came back to LIFE?! how did THAT happen?!"
i almost had to pull over. she had been processing it for that whole time! we had to have a talk about monsters when we got home. 

she has been using that "incredulous voice" a lot lately.
she said something about me being two-years-old, like her and i said that i already was two.
"you were TWO, just like ME? you were a little girl, just like ME? you lived in a house, just like ME?" and so on.

she also says a lot of grown-up-sounding things, especially when she is supposed to be in bed.
"hey guys, are you watching a show out there?"
"what's your show about? skeletons?"
"hey guys, are you eating popcorn out there?"
"how is everybody doing out here?"

some other random ones:

me: "your shirt says 'friends make me happy!'"
e: "and daddy's shirt says 'friends make me naughty!'"

"i wish i was a cowboy and i had a lawnmower. then i could cut the grass whenever i want!"

she helps read "green eggs and ham" at the top of her lungs. "I DO NOT LIKE THEM, SAM-I-AM!!"

she always says, "oh mommy" and "oh daddy" whenever we are silly with her.

i was singing part of a primary song to her while she was eating and she suddenly said
i asked, "what's gross? your food?"
"no! that MUSIC. UGH!"

here are a couple of videos from earlier this summer that i finally uploaded. we were reading our library books. 

(p.s. - the library = her favorite place in the world. the pictures in this post were taken during a library trip.)


(p.p.s. - poppy sounds like a newborn, fussing in the background. it wasn't that long ago and now she's walking!)


Ann Taylor said...

bahahahaha, friends do make daddy naughty!
lol, Ellie cracks me up!
I know we're all looking forward to catching up over Thanksgiving! It looks like we'll be coming to visit after all!!
Can't wait for the rugrats to run around together and see what trouble they'll get into!

Just SO said...

Oh my goodness! She is the cutest thing ever! Her comment "How did THAT happen!" Made me LOL. For reals.

Linds and Allen said...

Love Ellie quotes.

Scaliwag Nielsen said...

These little ones never fail to brighten my day!
I love and miss you.