Monday, October 8

these kids...

became tiny teenagers overnight.

yesterday morning ellie grabbed a bag and said, "see you later! i'm heading to the mall to watch brave! you guys stay here, okay?"

then a little while later, when she realized she couldn't get there herself:
"hey, mommy, i need you to take me to the mall. and i need to introduce you to my friend, she's coming with me."
"who's your friend?"
"poppy. we're going to the mall to watch brave. we're going to ride in our seats in the van."

in the meantime, poppy was walking around with my phone and was heartbroken when i took it away from her. she sat down and wailed.


then later, ellie came in the kitchen and said,
"see that old lady in there? that's my mommy!"

what the sass?
oh boy.


Coppersmiths said...

Oh Bradie, your girls are so cute!! I love Ellie's sass!

Ann Taylor said...

lol, I don't know what I would do if Jonathan had that much sass- laugh or give her "grammie's look", you know, the raised eyebrow and eyes so big they look like they're about to pop!
Jonathan's definitely asserting his independence though- it was a BATTLE to clip his nails today and I was soooo angry- any tips? (he's a super light sleeper)

Kathleen said...

ellie's picture says it all. hilarious!