Thursday, November 1


we had a pretty crazy october. lots of ups and downs. 

we had car troubles, hospital visits (not us, loved ones) and a traffic violation (the positive side, i am now aware that i weigh almost 10 lbs less than is listed on my license - nice). 
we also had playgroups, halloween parties, apple picking and, of course, the annual fowler fall festival. needless to say, the positives sure made up for the negatives.

i'll be posting some pictures throughout the next week but let's just start with some pictures of our apple picking adventure in the mountains. thanks grammie for taking us and treating us to some yummy apple pies!

happy fall, ya'll! 


Chantal Marie said...

your girls are too cute! And Im super jealous of your weight loss.. I just keep gaining and gaining and gaining. sheesh.

Ann Taylor said...

so sad we missed it, but can't wait till next year when we'll be in GA!see you in a few weeks :D

Saimi said...

You look GREAT!! I love your hair too and those girls, well you know how I feel about them, they are just to dang cute!

Ash said...

I love the picture of Poppy and the pumpkin! They are so fun. Seeing them made our October.