Monday, November 12

because it's fall!

ellie loves fall.
maybe because she watched yo gabba gabba sing about it a million times, but still.
i love it, too. especially here. it's cool but not cold, it's beautiful and it seems to last forever.
two years ago i was dreaming of a brand new baby born in the fall and last year we brought that baby home. can you believe little penelope's birthday is in less than two weeks?! me either.

our power went out the other day due to winds from hurricane sandy (no complaints about it, that was the worst we had). it happened to be just when daddy got home. it was only out an hour or so, but it was the perfect excuse to run and play in the leaves. ellie always wants to "crunch" them and poppy just wants to be outside all the time (she brings her shoes to me and waits by the door).

you guys, i busted out the real camera for this one.

but then it was too fun so i started to play. so here's what i got before that. 


Erynn said...

cutest family ever! now come out here and we'll remind ya how to play in the snow!

O'Connor Famiglia said...

Too cute! Your girls are getting so big! I can't believe poppy is almost a year old- time goes by so fast! We didn't really get fall here in Utah- it went from 70 degrees to almost a foot of snow overnight! I miss crunchy leaves!

Ash said...

I love Poppy's faces, especially the second one. This looks like fun! I bet rolling these girls around in the leaves is hilarious.