Tuesday, November 3

Leaves - about a million pictures of them.

Here in Georgia, we get the real deal when it comes to fall -
I mean, a crazy snowstorm doesn't knock all the leaves off the trees by mid-October.
There's more time for colors to change
and leaves to fall
and for Judge to bark at the falling leaves.

He and I went exploring in the woods the other day and got a few pictures. He's still pretty bad at exploring. He walked behind me in the brambles so that I could receive the full sting of thorns and he could stay safe in my wake. He did hop around on some fallen trees and sniff some possible animal homes, so I guess he's making progress.

He still likes to tug on my arm as I'm taking pictures, though.

Anyway, here's autumn at our house:

This is a fire break behind our house. That's how many trees there are - you have to break them up so the whole state doesn't burn down at once.

Oh, and some really yummy chili when all the exploring is done.


Madalyn :) said...

O I love all those colors! How beautiful.

Rachael Thomas said...

I LOVE fall now that I'm not living in Utah... There are so many trees on this side of the country and they actually change to red!! I was so excited when this all started I'm still so excited. you have such pretty pictures.. and I think I like your dog, even though I've never met him.

erynn louise said...

i bet fall is beautiful with all the trees out there! i love all the colors!