Friday, November 20


You know your pregnancy hormones are out of control when:

You see expiration dates on cans or opening dates for movies and the first thing you think about is how old your child will be when that happens.

All you do is think about chocolate and suddenly you can taste it in your mouth.

You starting seeing your home as surfaces to sanitize and areas to baby proof.

You find yourself explaining to your husband the advantages of baby travel systems and all sorts of other strange contraptions you hadn't even heard of a few months ago.

Seeing a baby at the store erases all other thoughts from your mind.

You can't watch any sort of television show or movie about giving birth without sobbing, mostly because it's so beautiful but partly because you know you're going to be in some serious pain very soon.

and this one, that happened just a few minutes ago . . .

While listening to "Sleigh Ride" you get choked up when you realize that these really are "the things we'll remember all through our lives."

I mean, seriously. Check out how motherly I'm looking right this minute.


Rachael Thomas said...

aw cute post! You are such a cute pregnant lady.

erynn louise said...

oh my gosh! you are going to be a mommy and have your own little family!! does baby have a christmas stocking yet??

Just SO said...

Oh yes. I remember crying during AT&T commercials.

You look fabulous.