Saturday, November 14

I can't wait for this picture to be complete.

Judge likes to hide out under the high chair.
It's like he knows that, one day, food will magically rain down on him if he sits there.

P.S. - The baby countdown is now in the double digits.
Is it weird that I want to make a paper chain to have a physical reminder of how many days are left?


Tom and Juli said...

Oh you have to do it! I think it would be awesome. Take pictures if you do!

Arvilla has made good friends with Grandma Pickle's dog thanks to all the food raining down from the high chair, she's even brave enough to lean down from the high chair and let her eat right out of her hand! I'm not even that brave!!

Rachael Thomas said...

Make a paper chain!!!! I did one for last year when I was getting my puppy. I am not at all ashamed of it.

erynn louise said...

oh that is so cute!! i can't believe how fast time is going, you're going to be a mommy in no time!

Chris & Nikki said...

make a chain. that would be so cool! it's going to seem like it's moving like so slowly..but it goes by so fast. enjoy the little sleep you get now. ;) you'll love being a mommy. And I can't wait to see that cute adorable child in that high chair..with judge licking baby's toes. haha. so cute.

Madalyn :) said...

Make the paper chain! What a fun idea!

SO said...

Do it!

I love that Judge has that sixth sense of where the food will be coming from.