Tuesday, November 10

Falling, falling, falling.

No, not that song from the car commercial (or the Charlotte Russe playlist)*.

The leaves!

Last week:

Same trees, this week:

Hurricane Ida's leftovers also blew in this morning. All we can do is stay inside, make a fire in the fireplace and eat lots of warm chocolate chip cookies. Sounds good, huh?

*"That song" is 1901 by Phoenix, in case you're one of those people who will go crazy not knowing. I'm definitely one of those people. Thank you internet for helping me not be a wreck when I can't remember lyrics or the names of songs.


erynn louise said...

wow i wish we could all stay inside, make a fire, and eat cookies! all we can do here in utah is still wear flip flops in our 65 degree weather and listen to the christmas music that just started on the radio!!

Rachael Thomas said...

It's been raining like crazy here... the leaves are all falling I'm quite sad.

SO said...

At least all your leaves come off at one time so you just have to rake them up once. Here it's a month long endeavor.

And I'd so love to have a fire and eat chocolate chip cookies.