Friday, February 27

the house. part four: the living room.

if ever there was a room that severely needed a makeover, this is it!
i'd love to do it, but i don't have a couple thousand to throw at it just yet. also, since it is shared space and i have no go ahead to destroy the man cave, i have to settle for the bedroom remodel for now. that's good enough.

i can keep it clean and dream for now . . .

apparently, i'm destined to always live with wood paneling - 3 out of 5 residences now.

judge doesn't seem to be too happy with the style, either.

below is my proof that this truly is a house for men.
the drum set and electric guitar in the front room is another indicator.

no, the fireplace isn't safe to use - yet.

these pictures are my only attempt at beautification. also, they remind me of utah.
thanks dad, for rescuing them!


Piglet de' Erin said...

OH I think it's lovely...perfect for a nice young couple...and a dog.

So said...

Ah paneling. What were people thinking in the 50's, 60's and 70's?? I'm so glad we were able to take care of the paneling in Grandma's house.

It is a cozy room though!

Nick and Emily said...

i love what you've done to the place... no really atleast it's clean. i think it looks great and i'm glad you got a little Utah in the room.

the fowlers said...

it's lovely for a young couple and dog and

that's why it looks like a bachelor pad. it is one.