Thursday, February 5


This morning I woke Judge up and let him out to do his thing. When he goes out early in the morning, sometimes he'll take one of his ratty little toys out with him and leave them on the patio while he goes. It's like a little kid dragging his blanket around. When I let him back in, he'll bring in his toy.

Anyway, this morning he brought back a weird, gnarled root and left it on the step outside the door. I thought it was kind of cute that he was finding his own toys outside. Later this evening, when I let him out again, he brought the weird root with him when he came back in. I allowed it because he'd been relentlessly begging for attention all afternoon and he was finally content chewing on the root. I just planned on vacuuming later.

When he left the root in the middle of the floor, I picked it up and was about to throw it back outside when I finally noticed that the root was not a root. It was a grisly something gross with hair and muscle and bone. I was horrified. There were little pieces of nasty hide all over the carpet. Blugh. UGH. Bluckugh.

How is my little buddy so DISGUSTING?
Needless to say, I threw it out and vacuumed immediately.

Oh, and I took a couple of pictures. Of course.

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So said...

EW! EW! EW! *shudder*