Thursday, February 12

today isn't really my day.

that main reason being . . .

it looks like this outside:

and i feel like this inside:

get the picture? sick. sick. sick.

i took some nyquil and, instead of letting me sleep, judge decided to jump around and dance around and cry and get into things all morning. i tried putting him in his room and he barked and barked. i tried to let him play outside in the nice weather and he barked. sometimes he'll cry until someone comes and sits in the same room with him while he sleeps in the sun. oh man.

i feel like my head is exploding.

i ate some food, even though i'm not hungry, and i'm going to shower, even though i don't feel like standing up. hopefully that'll get me through the afternoon and i can get something done . . . or at least i'll enjoy the nice day a little more.

when i feel sick like this i also feel sick in my head. i'm bothered about everything and cranky. it doesn't help that i was already fighting crankiness before i felt sick.

for example,

my brother-in-law just asked me: "soooo, what are you up to today?"

i wanted to scream: "what does it look like i'm up to? i'm up to feeling like CRAP, obviously! i'm up to watching t.v. and sleeping on the couch! i'm up to a fever and aches! i'm up to chicken noodle soup! what i am not up to is acting like i've got some sort of huge plan for today when i'm wearing a bathrobe and smelling/feeling/looking like a mess!"

but instead i said: "oh, nothing really," and tried to smile.

if i'm going to be sick, can't it be on a rainy day when i'm home alone and i can just sleep through it?

too much to ask?


So said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. :( That rots. I have to say I giggled a bit when I heard what Judge has you guys doing though. Hope the Nyquil helped.

Nick and Emily said...

you are so funny! that's exactly how i feel today. and i hear ya, dang puppy and babies keep you up and want to play and do everything... as cute as they are they can sure be a handful. guess who just stopped by my house? YAH! it was your dad.