Tuesday, February 10

my favorite chores.

there are two chores i really love: yard work and furniture rearranging.

it's a lovely 70 degrees outside right now (we actually have the air conditioning on) and i don't have any furniture to rearrange so i grubbed around the yard today. i can't wait for spring to come and stay.

i only got one thing done . . . mostly. i didn't have a ladder, so i didn't get the top. it probably needs some clearing up to let the light in. the bush was actually full of prickly vines that were choking out the real plant. you know maleficent's castle in sleeping beauty? that's pretty much what i was pulling on all day. ouch!

i forgot to take a before, but i cropped an old picture:

and after (it looks even better than the before picture because it is so sunny!):

and the pile of branches and prickles (i put some of the budding branches in water - maybe they'll bloom?):

and judge watching me destroy one of his favorite hiding places:

it's a big flowering bush and there are tons of buds waiting to explode (or, as we say down south, "it's fixin' to bloom"), so i'll post more pictures of the plant in its glory soon.

all props go to my dad on this one - i watched him perfect our yard year after year and i can't allow myself to let a yard look anything but its best.


So said...

I have to be in the mood for yard work. But I'll move furniture any day of the week! Looks like you did a great job fighting those Maleficent vines. And poor Judge. He looks so sad.

Nick and Emily said...

Wow! that's a big difference. i can't believe how much you got done. great job.