Wednesday, February 18

hate to love!

this is an absolutely belated valentine's post.

i had a great weekend. i got the cutest package and all sorts of valentines in the mail from my family and friends.

i felt a little negative in my last few posts, so i decided i'd do the opposite of my last tag - instead of things i love to hate, things i hate to love! here it is, a list of (a few) of my guiltiest pleasures. they're unhealthy or unnecessary or just plain stupid things that i love.
i'm just going to say this: "i know. i know!"

1. little debbies. any little debbies.
2. unsolved mysteries, the show.
3. picking scabs.
4. youtube.
5. coloring books.
6. excessive amounts of throw pillows.
7. magazines.
8. candy corn.
9. sleeping in.
10. making desserts.
11. avoiding conflict by any means.
12. screening calls.
13. walking around really loud when i'm home alone.
14. putting things off.
15. wearing pajamas all day.
16. candy. soda. desserts. loving them more than actual food.
17. walking around with nowhere to go.
18. getting snail mail.
19. when my checkout line goes faster than the other checkout line(s).
20. days off.
21. sleeping with the t.v. on.
22. texting.
23. facebooking.
24. snacking constantly.
25. being lazy . . . :)


So said...

I love to pick scabs too! (weird I know)

I'm glad you got the package! YAY! (we forgot to put a card inside! Angie and Shay and Grandma helped out with it)

the fowlers said...

the package had me giggling all afternoon. i knew it was you guys, but there's no note! ha ha, no explanation but valentine's day - that's good enough for me.

Piglet de' Erin said...

Ewwwww shanna! Scabs? ok, really I thought I would never like texting, but I am so an addict.

I am so glad to find your I will be one of your blog stalkers, and leave you totally random messages.