Friday, January 30


jimmy and i were walking through walmart and saw the aisle full of giant bears and fake bouquets and he said "it's not even february!" and i agreed and then i thought about it for a minute and said . . . "actually, it almost is! valentine's day is in two weeks!"
as usual, where has the time gone?!

anyway, all that it really means is:
it's that time of year.

i'll nearly give myself a million cavities eating bags and bags of candy hearts. now i know everyone else hates them, but when i get a bag of hearts that are still soft and chewy there's no stopping me. sugar is sugar is sugar and i love it.

they're so worth the sugar headache.
and i don't think i've ever seen the hearts that say "heat wave" before - must be new?

also, i found this cute website, where you
make your own candy hearts:

oh, also try it goth style:

all too soon they'll be gone, so i'm making myself sick on hearts while i can. yeah!

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So said...

I'll send you any that I get. I hate those things. JuJu hearts or SweetTart Hearts on the other hand? I'm keeping them all to myself.