Wednesday, January 21

back on the wagon(s).

i fell off several wagons over the course of the weekend, but at least it was fun.

we had a weekend extension when john's cute chinese friends (he's in grad school, studying and teaching chinese lit) came over monday to make some food. we had a huge dinner and it was absolutely delicious. i should have taken some pictures of the cooking and eating, because it was the most interesting and exciting part of the day. however, we were too busy and it was too tasty to stop and snap photos. sorry you missed it!

we also made a chocolate cake for the inauguration. i tried to write on it, but the frosting was too soupy so i made a jackson pollack cake tribute instead. i think it looks better. we pretty much ate the whole thing in an hour.

not only did we eat a lot of junk this weekend (including a huge burrito meal and nachos, plus an entire bag of candy hearts that i ate all by myself), but we slipped from our strict budget experiment. we did get some very nice speakers and a printer for a steal - about $140 total - so i don't feel too bad.

one weekend off isn't so bad . . .
but today i am definitely working out, eating right and not spending money!

p.s. - i think this is a sneak preview to the inside of my home . . .

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Nick and Emily said...

i like the cake. O-who?-ma :) can't wait for the rest of the inside