Wednesday, January 7

a blurbie retrospective: 2008.

i know it's kind of late for this sort of thing, but i wanted to do a little tribute to 2008.

i mean, 2008: you're too cute to be forgotten.

so anyway, here's what i deem memorable.

11 albums we had fun with in 2008:

fleet foxes: self-titled.

shearwater: rooks.

she & him: volume one.

my morning jacket: evil urges.

lil wayne: tha carter III.

jenny lewis: acid tongue.

mogwai: the hawk is howling.

department of eagles: in ear park.

coldplay: viva la vida.

conor oberst: self-titled.

bon iver: for emma, forever ago.

10 movies we probably watched in theaters during 2008:
(this is not a statement of quality films by any means.)

the dark knight.
body of lies.
eagle eye.
prince caspian.
indiana jones. journey to the center of the earth.
burn after reading.
ghost town.

9 books we read (between us) during 2008:
the plot against america the wind-up bird chronicles inside delta force after dark abarat a fighter's heart beloved into the wild
the jungle

(there were definitely more . . .)

eight people on our new, updated list of siblings for 2008:

erynn, nate, john, sarah, miles, lauren, tatum, and noah.

2008's seven most fun events:
erynn's wedding, trafalga with kate and eric, fourth of july at grandma's (or really, any party there), summer visitors at jana's - john and miles, the cabin sleepover, ufc fights with friends . . . well, pretty much any time we spent with someone we love!

6 favorite places to get food in 2008:

nicolitalia's pizza
famous dave's
little caesar's
del taco
waffle house
the globe

5 different places that dumb, busted-up ford ranger took up space during 2008:
eric's house, our apartment, russ's yard, linda's driveway, scott's house.

four people who slept over at our apartment in 2008:
noah, john, cassian, and cory.

january, february, march -
three months of night crew at home depot in 2008.

2008's two biggest hits:

we got married! that's right, married!
(january 5th, i got the cutest husband in the universe. also, he got me for his birthday . . . which is, of course, january 5th.)

we moved to georgia!
(we packed all our belongings and our doggie into the ford focus and a trailer and drove straight through. that's right, it's like, 2000 miles.)

one great doggie who was with us through it all, the best pet of 2008:


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So said...

I love that retrospective! Very nice. And I didn't know you got married on James' birthday...that way he'll never forget your anniversary! cool!