Sunday, January 4

tybee island beach.

tomorrow is our first anniversary.

seeing as our honeymoon was a little bit of a bust, we decided to take a trip this weekend. we drove to tybee island, off the coast near savannah.
it was overcast and foggy until the last couple of hours of our drive home. i'm pretty sure the first few days in january are not ever going to have good weather. we'll get used to it (or we'll go to another hemisphere where winter is summer).
anyway, i actually preferred the cloudy day. it was gorgeous! driving through savannah in the fog is awesome. the streets are lined with giant oak trees covered in spanish moss. it looks like the entire city is a ghost world.

anyway, here are some pictures i got at the beach (with my new camera! did i mention i have a new camera?! i'm sure there will be more to come on that).

(before i forget, i got two things from my wish list: a vacation and a camera. i'm really having a pretty good year so far.)


So said...

Way cool! I'm jealous that you got a new camera. But I'm excited too because that means more pictures yay!

Nick and Emily said...

so you guys live in Georgia? or someplace by there? that's pretty freakin sweet. we will have to visit you sometime and see all the sweet sites.... and you of course.

Erin said...

just found your blog! you are so fun and have a cute little family :)