Monday, December 29

well, it's over.

and now the returns begin. i spend all day telling people that they can't trade their christmas gifts for cash. i shouldn't have to tell them why we don't do that. are they really that hard-pressed?
i mean, jimmy told me some people returned a fence to home depot the other day. used. these people tore their fence out of the ground, brought it to home depot covered in mud and bothered the employees for two hours until somebody agreed to give them their money back.
is this just the beginning?

it might be time to read grapes of wrath and get some food storage together.

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Nick and Emily said...

Seriously. it might just be that time. i can't believe how crazy everything it getting these days. anywho i'm so glad you found me. i just love you and i love your christmas pics. what an absolutely cute idea.