Wednesday, December 10


i'm up really late and that's a bad thing!
(we watched pride and glory at the dollar movie. it would have been free and better if we had watched the wire at home.)

i love my christmas tree!
(so far i haven't given in to jimmy's desire for colored lights. my mom has ingrained upon me her ideas about colored lights being tacky. i'm trying to overcome.)

i'm the family's financial president!
(and i'm still getting settled into my new position. i really hate conducting business on the phone. i'm really great at the charts and graphs part.)

it's the week of $100!
(we're playing this game where we only spend $100 total this week. so far we've only bought groceries and gas and we're doing fine. i just have to try not to crave candy.)

jimmy's going to kill me if he finds me online in here!
(he's watching the late show, but he doesn't have to work tomorrow and i do - early! whooooops!)

1 comment:

So said...

I would have a hard time not craving candy. Very hard.

I want white lights on the tree but Ty's desire for colored win out.

I hope you got enough sleep last night.