Tuesday, December 2


our internet was out over thanksgiving, so i didn't really get a chance to squawk about it.

it was great, really.

this was the first thanksgiving i've had off in a few years. it's nice to remember that holidays are about having the day off to relax with family - not working your butt off so that everyone else can relax with theirs (and sneaking some pie in there, somewhere). we had TWO dinners, the night before and the next day. i met some new family here in georgia and i adore them all. once we get a break in our schedules, we have to do more visiting. we're actually not that far away from our family out here. i'm also enjoying georgia this time of year. it's really beautiful.

this was also my first thanksgiving far away from home. i don't like to think about it too much, but i never realized how many little things i would miss. i miss grandma's kitchen, packed as full as it could be with people i love and every kind of pie known to man. i miss my loud family - never a dull moment. it's strange how things that seem to bother you become the things you really love the most.

this was, above all, my first DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. i worked black friday, 10 AM till 9 PM. it was insanity. it was really great deals (30% off everything in the store). it was tiring. it was like nothing i've ever seen. we made twice as much as they expected, so it seemed like the economy wasn't as bad as everyone thought. then i worked last night and did so many more returns than sales that we could hardly make change at the end of the night. go figure.

gobble gobble.

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So said...

We totally missed you and James in that noisy kitchen. I'm glad you are getting to know family down there. And that you survived black Friday. There were deaths you know!