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that's right dorothy, snow!

on sunday, just after my fateful post, we got a humongous storm. i heard it was the worst since 1993 - remember a little thing called 'the storm of the century'? yeah. it has been compared to that. i know that it isn't a big deal in a lot of places to get (a record) 6 inches of snow, but here it is a disaster. we're just not equipped for snow.

my adventure was trying to get husband home from work. i had dropped him off early, when it was raining, and by the time i went to get him it was insanity. the snow was still coming down heavily. there are very, very few plows in the area. even the highway around town was a mess. we're surrounded by woods and tall, nimble ponderosa pines line the highway and that means that every half-mile or so a tree had fallen onto the road. i'm a little bit of an expert when it comes to snow driving after my years at sundance, but i still get nervous every time. it only took me twice the time it would have taken and that's mostly because i was playing it safe.

when i got to the depot it was getting dark. we headed out on what ended up being a two-hour expedition. we tried two different ways through town and after driving over downed power lines and turning around on an icy bridge, we got back on the highway, but we had to go the long way. trees were down, big rigs were blocking exits, cars were off the road left and right. the longest stretch was the couple of miles closest to our house. the street was lined with abandoned cars and people were walking home, if they could. a lady knocked on our window to make sure she was on the right street and asked us if we thought she'd make it. it was like the end of the world.

we finally made it home to no power - so we risked it a little and built a fire in the fireplace. besides smoking the house up a little at first, it worked just fine. right before we went to bed the power came on again. we went to sleep knowing the next day would be a snow day - and hoping that the power would stay on, because the entire house is electric. luckily, and unlike most people in athens, we were only out of power for a few hours. yesterday it went out a couple more times, but only for a few minutes.

yesterday was spent trying to get our car out of the yard (and making a huge mess) and assessing the damage. luckily no trees fell on the house, but my favorite little magnolia tree got smashed by another tree and the whole yard is full of branches. when this melts, we have work to do.

note: most of these pictures were taken as it first started to snow, because i didn't think it would stick around long enough for me to take pictures later.
well, it did.

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So said...

YIKES!!! It sounds absolutely crazy. I'm glad you and James made it home safe and sound. And that your electricity wasn't out for very long. Are you taking pictures of the damage?