Thursday, December 17

Our Winter Wonderland

Here in the south, our winter looks like this:

Foggy, frosty, grey and cold. No snow.

In an attempt to make my own winter wonderland, I hung some snowflakes and icicles in the windows. That way I can look out the window and pretend it is snowing but I don't have to get cold or wet and I don't have to drive in it.

I found out it is pretty hard to take good pictures of them, by the way.

In other news, I'm in love with the Christmas tree. I don't even care that there aren't any presents underneath it yet. In fact, I hadn't even remembered that presents are supposed to go there until husband reminded me.

It makes the room look so happy.
It welcomes me home when I come through the door.
It's my nightlight.
It reminds me that it is almost Christmas already!
It's Judge's new favorite hangout spot (he loves to sit next to it and watch the cars go by).

And there is really nothing better than a nap by the tree with the lights all sparkling.

(Usually I'm in the recliner next to Judge. Husband and I are like a couple of ninety-year-olds . . . sometimes we even share a blanket and hold hands from our respective recliners while we watch our stories.)


Scaliwag said...

AHHHHHAHAHAHA i love how in almost every picture on here that has james in it he's sleeping hahahah
tell him to get his seinfeld head up and smile for the camera

Madalyn :) said...

I Love it all..... and I love that you guys are a ninty year old couple! I think it's sweet :) Your decorations are way cute too!