Tuesday, December 1

Fun with Felt.

We had a crazy and fun weekend. We ate two fabulous Thanksgiving meals, worked Black Friday shifts (I had to work the 5 AM shift, husband closed), got some great deals at the mall, "glassed it up" twice at McDonalds, fixed a leaky faucet, had a glucose screening, partied after church with a casserole mixer, and on and on and on. I made two very delicious pies and one pretty mean casserole. It was a great warm up for an entire month of projects, crazy holiday hours at work and much more baking.

I've already started some holiday crafting with a serious felt fetish. Judge likes the felt, too. For some reason he wants to either eat it or sit on my lap while I embroider it. He's strangely fascinated. I've got lots more I want to do, but we'll see how busy it gets now that it is officially December! (This post is mostly for my mom, because I tried to send her some pictures of the stuff I've been working on and the email didn't quite work.)

Wreath, with Felt Hearts
(that I need to actually hang on the door)

(for the whole family, still working on Lil Girl's)

Christmas Ornaments
(not made of felt, but pieces of the old broken chandelier that was in the house when we got here)

Tree Skirt
(also not felt, but made from material I got in a little bundle from Goodwill)

Did I mention that I love my sewing machine
(and my husband, who pretends to be really excited about these projects and tells me how cool they are, even when I'm not sure he really cares about felt at all) ?


Chris & Nikki said...

freakin cute! you're so domesticated. ;) I love your stockings, sheesh. I wanna see your cute home, i bet it's all decked out in cuteness.

Rachael Thomas said...

haha cute post! I like the wreath and the stockings! And the ornaments from the chandelier are so cool!

We should totally find a place in the middle to meet up sometime.. that would be fun.

Little Lovables said...

love the wreath and stockings, so pretty and festive! I do tons of things with felt to, but hand sew b/c the sewing machine scare me

Nick and Emily said...

love the crafts. i want some of those stockings. awesomeness.

Just SO said...

You are so creative! I'm totally digging that ornament from the chandelier! And those stockings are too darn cute.