Friday, December 11

New Favorite Store.

Well, in the mall anyway.

The Learning Express!

Mostly because I want things like these for my little girl:

Calico Critters

Melissa and Doug Play Food Sets

Don't they just make you wish you had all the money in the world to spend on toys? I know it will be a while before she will even care about any of this stuff, but I love it so much. I just can't wait.

Also, have I ever mentioned that Babyland General Hospital is merely an hour and thirty minute drive from our house? That's right, it's where Cabbage Patch Kids come from. You can adopt one as soon as it comes from the patch! I haven't been able to drag husband there yet. We'll get there soon. He won't be able to say to no two begging loves-of-his-life, right?

(My kid looked a lot like this one, but with a yellow dress. Her name was Alice.)

1 comment:

Madalyn :) said...

O how cute! I never had a patch doll :( sad huh?!