Tuesday, January 19


Me, trying to stay up all night.

When we first got married, husband did overnights. That meant he left for work at 10 PM and got home around 6:30 in morning. I worked early mornings then, so I left the house just before he got home. The nice thing was that we always had dinner together, something that doesn't always happen now with our ever-changing schedules. The really hard thing was not ever sleeping at the same time.

I think that's when Judge got really used to sleeping in our bed. He spent 75% of his day in bed with one of us. (When he was in bed with me, we were usually falling asleep while watching Law & Order: SVU - which I now realize was probably a really bad idea for a woman home alone all night.)

He did that job for the first three months of our marriage. We actually got really used to it. It was nice to have a set schedule, at least. It's much easier to have a routine.

This week he's doing the overnights again. It's just for the week, though. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure his body will finally get used to the crazy sleep schedule on the last day of the work week and he'll have to fight all over again to get back to normal.

Today didn't work very well. I organized everything so I could wake up and quickly get myself and the dog out of the room so that he could sleep. When I left the house to run errands around 10 AM, he woke up and stayed up. He tried taking naps at three different times in the afternoon, but nothing lasted long. He looked miserable when he left tonight.

I'm trying to stay up extra late tonight so that I can sleep in a little longer. Then maybe he'll get more rest . . . I hope.

Anyway, I now know that Judge is only a medium guard dog. He barked when husband came into the bedroom this morning. By the time an intruder is already in the bedroom, I'm not sure he would be deterred by a barking dog. Thanks anyway, buddy.

(Judge is pretty vigilant when it comes to keeping the yard free of birds, squirrels, cats, deer and sometimes leaves that look suspiciously like birds.)


Nick and Emily said...

It's great catching up on your blog. I love the story about the shirts... and more importantly i love the price of the shirts. I can't believe how ready you are to have this baby. i saw the one with your (not nice sweats on) she's dropping down isn't she? oh my gosh! this is awesome. I'm glad you are doing so good. you look great, and happy but i am sorry about the whole schedule change. it really throws off your whole world when things like that happen. well i think that i've written way to much but i love ya and i'm happy to finally catch up on your blog.

Just SO said...

Those hours rot. And yeah, I'm thinking SUV by yourself at night is not a good show to watch.

Madalyn :) said...

O poor guy.... and you're right, just when he'll get used to the schedule, he won't have to continue it. good luck!