Sunday, January 17

35 1/2 Weeks.

You might be getting bored with all of my giant belly pictures, but it's mostly for the benefit of my family 2000 miles away who won't get to see me pregnant. It has been hard not being able to share this with them the way I always thought I would, but at least we have the wonders of the internet. I could be sending telegraphs or something, right?

(By the way, excuse the saggy-bottom pajamas and bleach-stained top. My nice sweats were in the wash.)
(Yes, I do realize I just called them my "nice sweats.")

Anyway, she's pretty active in there. She's rolling around enough to make me very nauseous sometimes. It's visible, too. It's pretty weird seeing a little knee or elbow make a wave across my stomach - not unlike having some sort of alien living inside me.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned anything about names. We had a couple of mixed reactions to some of our earlier favorites, so we've decided to wait until we see her to make sure the little girl fits the name. You're just going to have to wait.

We're all getting pretty excited. We have about a month left, give or take a few days. I'm cleaning as much as my joints and muscles will let me. Husband is cuddling up with her teddy bear while he reads. I'm very interested to see how Judge reacts to the baby. I'm hoping that he'll get used to her quickly, since she'll be around all the time. Right now I'm not sure what he's thinking, but leaving his favorite toy sitting in the car seat could mean many things:

(That's his "I need to go potty now" face.)
(Also pictured are my "nice sweats.")

Now if I can just stay very busy for the next few weeks, I might be able to keep my mind out of the "any day now" thinking and just enjoy this time before she's finally here.
Probably not.


Just SO said...

I love seeing your belly! You really do look great. Even in your "not so nice" sweats.

Alison said...

Your bump is so cute! You look so pretty!!